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The Road Map for LVL, and PSYBER X


The journey ahead together


Phase 1 -Traction

Conception of the idea for PSYBER X. Heavily based on the idea of many blockchain games that are gaining traction, PSYBER X will enter the market.

We hope to bring real value to the Play to Earn users. The way we few the current games on the market is as pioneers, but will soon be replaced by much bigger studios. We hope to make that change. Not quite a AAA game, but a AA guaranteed.

-Level 1 Cryptocurrency creation

- Game asset completion
-Promotion material including trailer
-Pre-sale of $LVL on HiveEngine, Hive blockchain

(We are here currently on our journey, Glad you could join us!)

Here is a more in-depth post about our road map/break down

Phase 2 - The rocket has been fueled. Heavy Development of PSYBER X, and consistent updates. NFT sales.

-We will be updating the community through discord on all game updates.

-Community voting will take place, and allow members to vote on features/items they would like to see in-game. (Possible staking functionality on this)
-The sale of NFTs will come at this time, we will work with NFT creators(In the community - We want to pay back to great content creators), and our internal artists to sell/create NFTs that will be able to be used in game.

(Homes, AI gang members, compounds, vehicles, explosives, robots/cyborgs, Land/Territory, cosmetics/upgrades, ect)


Stage 3 - Realization

At this stage the game will become a reality, but it will be rolled out in stages to keep the community entertained.
This stage may happen during stage 2, but will be more realized as we move into stage 3.
We will have a less complete version of the game ready to play and earn LVL one in stage 2.
Stage 3 will start to really become the dream game we've been trying to build.
A true open world MMO, Cyberpunk, game.

Having hundreds of career paths, owning gangs, fighting crime, be a vigilante, be a peace officer. You name it, if the in-game player driven economy sees it as viable. You can be paid to do it.

Re-make your life in PSYBER X

Road Map to be continued...



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